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Your body is a mechanical machine made of moving parts that absorbs loads and stresses on a daily basis.  When your body’s self-healing mechanisms can’t keep up with the stresses on an area, you begin to have pain.  Normally rest allows your body to recover and heal.  However, if you continue to have pain despite rest and even other interventions, you may have a condition called "Interstitial Inflammatory Stasis" or "IIS."  IIS is a condition that does not resolve with time and creates chronic areas of tension in your connective tissue or "fascia."  The cause of IIS and the resulting "fascial dysfunction" is thankfully now better understood and more specific treatment for this condition is now available. 

Has your doctor told you to accept your pain because you have arthritis, you are getting old, or your pain is probably due to scar tissue, an old injury, etc. ?  Is pain preventing you from doing the things you want or spending time with the people you love?  Are you struggling with pain despite surgery, injections, chiropractic treatment, stretching and strengthening exercises, etc.?  


You owe it to yourself to be evaluated for the presence of IIS and fascial dysfunction!  


What is fascia?

Click on the link below to learn about how fascia functions in the body

What is IIS/fascial dysfunction?

Click on the link below to learn more about how fascia becomes and stays dysfunctional

Treatments for IIS/ fascial dysfunction

Click on the link below to learn about the treatment we provide. 


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