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Having lived with back pain since 1976 and having seen so many specialist and alternative practitioners I felt this was just something I’d have for the rest of my life. My goal that first visit was to give it a try and move on. But the visit was so positive and the pain markedly different I made another appointment. A decision that changed my life. It didn’t happen overnight. I must do the “ homework” continuing the prescribed exercises but that constant pain of over 40 years is gone. I simply smile and shake my head in disbelief! If you are reading this and considering an appointment, please give it a try for your own health and well-being. For me it was life changing.


"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001. In 2011 I was told I also had myofascial syndrome.  During the past 19 years I have been on every fibro medication available, as well as diligently worked with a wide variety of therapies and providers which included numerous series of PT, all resulting in minimal or no pain relief.  Joel Rolefson’s extensive training in the Strain/Counterstrain Technique was the answer to my prayers. During my first session with Joel I realized immediate pain relief. I also was taught helpful techniques I could do on my own to help relieve pain.  This therapy has been a life changer for me in terms of my pain level! I am extremely grateful for the expertise and compassionate care of Joel at Total Motion Therapies."


"After the first treatment of the pains that kept me awake or diminished so that I slept through the night for the first time in years. After just a few treatments I could take the stairs again!... Joel healed something, I thought I had to live with, for the rest of my life."

"Last year I suffered for many months from a frozen shoulder. After traveling back and forth to the hospital three times a week for several weeks for physical therapy... I still was in terrible pain... After two short sessions of (Joel's) positional release therapy, my flexibility improved dramatically in the pain was almost completely gone."

"For years I have been in chronic pain, so when my doctor recommended yet another physical therapist, I was less than thrilled. For the past 10 or 15 years traditional therapy is done little or nothing for me. In the first week of seeing Joel Rolefson my pain is greatly diminished."

"When (my Doctor) First recommended physical therapy I thought it would be much different.  I wasn't prepared for the "new" PT (Strain and Couinterstrain, etc.). I was skeptical at first, but was truly amazed at how my pain decreased..."

"Excellent! Had Sciatic issues and pain. Tried regular Chiropractor and spent over $$$ and only got worse. Joel Rolefson, PT, TMRc handled my sciatic pain and I got the relief I was looking for. I will go back for his services if my issues return. I have been relieved of my sciatic and other pain related issues for over a year now. 2021 -2022. Highly recommended!"


"I cannot express the gratitude I have what you've done for me. Though we've had only a few sessions together you've worked nothing short of a miracle, in my life."

"I am 100% satisfied. I thought I would be in a wheelchair before I saw Joel. Now I feel better all over. He fixed things I didn't think could be fixed."

"So many miracles of help after each treatment and exercise. I talked to many things I didn't think pertained to anything Joel was doing, but each time helped him in figuring out different causes."

"Thanks for making all my aches go away !  I never thought it possible. You made me a believer in unconventional medicine. I can't thank you enough."

"My experience with Joel has been excellent. I've gone from crying, feeling "stuck" with living with pain, pain controlling my life to being able to recover well enough to live a little more... the treatment has given me the tools I need to become "unstuck."  Joel is very knowledgeable and has a great ability to explain how to apply the techniques. I am now smiling rather than crying because I have tools to help me."

"My experience with Joel has been great!  He has helped me with chronic back pain after  a surgery and most recently with chronic tension headaches.  Joel is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring.  He has surpassed my expectations of living pain free. "

"Very unusual but effective therapy. I was hesitant at first but you'll always answered all my questions and made me feel at ease...My back has not felt this good in over a year and I am back to my normal activities (riding horses, hiking, gardening...) Again with only minimal problems. Thank you!"

"As soon as offending spots were located and treated, pain and weakness was relieved and has not returned, range of motion has improved, and foot feels much more stable."

"Most people, like myself, thought that it would be the use of machines only, not the specialized manual therapies. The strength training a muscle movement and stretching was the best thing for me, for my back... And my feet!"

"Therapy was very rewarding for me.   The therapy helped with the leg cramps I was getting.  The cramps are almost all gone.  I had a very good experience with this type of therapy."

"For the first time in six years, I found something that works. Thanks for all the effort!"

"Joel is a great resource for pain relief. If you have gone down the traditional route of pain medication, traditional PT and you are at a loss.. Call will be a believer in short order of the methodology and his caring expertise. I am so happy I was referred to him. I'm still a work in progress as my Injury is chronic but I have improved greatly and have my positive attitude and life back."

"After seeing several PT's for issues I came to Joel for, I saw improvement and relief from day one through the last.  Leaving...feeling like I'm in control of my issues with the simple tools to self treat and evaluate myself.  Treatment has improved my chronic (every day) headaches I've had for over eight years through over a dozen providers and dozens of treatments and prescriptions."

"Joel Rolefson has improved my quality of life greatly.   Every visit has diminished my pain and gave me hope. I truly appreciate all that Joel has done for me."

"You've helped me so much to be able to help myself. I'm so grateful."

"The techniques used in PT  were able to quickly and effectively reduce my pain.  It is the treatment I have been looking for.  It has changed my whole concept of pain management.  We need more clinicians who (are) as skilled in this treatment method as Joel!" 


"I didn't know what to expect, and everything that was done helped tremendously."

"Joel produced amazing results!  He is very knowledgeable...Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle pain 95% improvement - all without surgery or invasive treatments - amazing."

"I saw my primary doctor due to severe pain in abdomen and lower back with x-rays done to show problems with scar tissue and was referred to see Joel for therapy.  I felt a lot less plain...(and) I feel he loosened me up for doing daily activities."

"Awesome!  I would highly recommend these treatments.  My pain has been significantly reduced."

"The treatments were not painful - very gentle and worked!!  I have been handing out these cards and encouraging people with chronic pain to see them."

"After the first treatment pain was diminished to discomfort. After the second treatment to discomfort was eliminated.  There was immediately noticeable results."

"(I noticed) more mobility in my range of motion to the front, back, and sides. Same results in the neck. I also noticed a lot of the pain I was suffering diminished greatly with each treatment session."

"Pain free therapy with unbelievable results - would recommend to anybody."

"I expected to suffer a long time, but Counterstrain is just amazing, I'm sharing this with all my friends."

"(What most impressed me about Counterstrain was) How fast my movement came back.  Strength is a lot better. Pain is about 75% better."

"I am so grateful that I found you and you were able to give me my life back. My husband and my boys are in awe of your ability to help me when no one else could."

"I just want to express my gratitude for helping me move again!  I am thrilled to be able to enjoy activities without being in pain.  Your passion for and knowledge of your profession are truly unique. Thank you."

"Thank you for your miraculous healing - I know I would not be able to get around as I do if it wasn't for your physical therapy!"

My care and therapy was very positive and eliminated my pain in my neck and shoulder. And now able to look down to read and write. I thank God for your help and I do the exercises every day. I aim to be pain free and comfortable."

"(What most impressed me about Counterstrain was) How gentle yet profoundly effective it is!"

"The majority of my pain is gone. I can do a lot more physical labor now without pain or soreness later. I feel a lot better overall..."

"I was able to walk, stoop, kneel with no pain - and lower back or my knees.  (What most impressed me about Counterstrain was) how fast the results were and how easy the treatments were."

"It is the first therapy that has helped since 1989."

"Joel treated several areas.  Excellent resolution in all areas. (He) is insightful, highly skilled, has excellent communication skills."

"Joel was very knowledgeable about his area of physical therapy and pain resolution...he always asked me if I had any questions. He was very concerned how I was progressing with my therapy. I thought that he was very nice and professional."

" Extremely courteous - Joel was extremely professional yet responsive to patients concerns and needs!  I would highly recommend (him)."

"(Joel) Listened. Respected. Truly assisted in pain elimination. Joel was the best PT I have been to!!"

"I've tried other forms of traditional physical therapy, massage, adjustments that gave me only temporary relief. Over the past three months I've had a decrease in my neck, back, shoulder, arm pain. I haven't had any headaches for two months. I feel like I finally found something that will fix my problems instead of just temporary relief."

"Joel got me functioning again and was very professional and thorough and is treatments. Great job!!"

"Thanks for giving me the ability to have my active life back (lifting items, sleeping, bike riding, working out, reaching, etc.)"

"Joel is a miracle worker!  Thank you so much!"

"We are almost rid of our problems, that we have had for years.  (Joel) is kind and gentle to us. To get rid of our pain is a great thing. We have had problems for years and it took only a few visits to relieve them."

"Three years ago I came to Sussex family practice for help. I was in a wheelchair at the time.  (My doctor) refer me to Joel the physical therapist. After a time my problem was corrected. My life started to be almost normal. There wasn't any more wheelchair. Thanks for giving back my life of freedom."

"I have had severe headaches for about 10 years which my neurologist could not solve. Joel was able to do it in 32 visits."

"I refer to the PT staff is my miracle workers. I was trying to condition myself that I'd never be able to walk without pain and with a limp. Both are completely gone now. It's still unbelievable to me as well as my family and friends!"

"I feel better now than before my accident."

"Everyone was great - I was amazed at how fast my recovery went. Thanks again."

"I think the method uses fantastic. Nothing should be changed. I feel 200% better than before therapy."

"The therapists have been most helpful making it possible for me to move more freely and walk. My pain has been minimal since I have been treated. I am so glad I had their treatment and would recommend them gladly. In addition to being very capable they are nice people."



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